Instructions for Reviewers

Reviews for Phoenix are 1200 words in length for a single authored book or 1500 words for an edited collection.  


(1) Our goal is to print reviews that convey a clear idea of the contents of the book under review as well as the nature of its arguments and structure; reviews should describe the shape of the book’s chapters and/or major divisions.  A review should also discuss the author’s intent, what is attempted, an assessment of the book’s strengths and weaknesses, along with any independent light the reviewer can throw on the subject in a restricted space.  We ask that reviewers avoid extensive quotation from the book under review; page references will suffice.  While it is important to place the book in its scholarly context, we ask that reviewers avoid in-depth discussion and quotation of other scholarship on the subject.  Comments on minor points should not be allowed to usurp space (lists of misprints and other errata could be communicated privately to the author and will not be printed in the journal). If on examination of the book you feel that it does not merit a review, please contact us as soon as possible. Phoenix prefers not to devote space to purely negative reviews.


(2) Reviewers should follow the practices listed in our style sheet, available online at; in addition, note that the surname of the author of the book should not be abbreviated. As title/heading, full information should be given in the following format: title, author, city, publisher (subtitles, and indications of series, if any), year of publication, number of pages (and of plates, etc., if any), e.g.:


The Symposium in Context: Pottery from a Late Archaic House near the Agora. By Kathleen M. Lynch. Princeton, New Jersey: American School of Classical Studies at Athens (Hesperia Supplement 46). 2011. Pp. xx, 377.


(3) Please include full bibliographical information (author, title, place, and date, and full page numbers for articles) for all secondary works cited in the review.


(4) Reviews should normally be submitted to the Review Editor within four to six months of the receipt of the book(s) by the reviewer.


(5) Alterations in reviews may be made in consultation with the reviewer.