Table of Contents

PHOENIX LXX: 1-2 (Spring-Summer/printemps-été 2016)


  • La critique comparative et le corpus tragique grec Elsa Bouchard
  • “Come, Second Best of Painters!”: Irony, Ambiguity, and Voices in Carmina Anacreonta 16 and 17  Silvio Bär

  • Emotion and Persuasion in Xenophon’s Cyropaedia Melina Tamiolaki 
  • The Protection of Slaves in the Athenian Law against hubris Sviatoslav Dmitriev
  • Inscribing Agency? The Mundus Muliebris Commemorations from Roman Italy Leslie Shumka 

  • Roman Women, Wise Women, and Witches Pauline Ripat
  • Why Cenchreae? The Social Topography of a Desultory Crossing in Apuleius’ Golden Ass  Ian Moyer

  • Yourcenar’s Suetonius: Grasping for the Wind K. R. Bradley
  • Pagan Altars and Monarchic Discourse in Libanius Declamation 22 Jeremy Swist



  • Boris Nikolsky:  Misery and Forgiveness in Euripides: Meaning and Structure in the Hippolytus by Brad Levett 
  • B. Le Guen and S. Milanezi (eds.): L’appareil scénique dans les spectacles de l’Antiquité by Marion Faure-Ribreau
  • Ryan K. Balot: Courage in the Democratic Polis by Kleanthis Mantzouranis
  • Léopold MigeotteÉconomie et finances publiques des cités grecques, vol. 2 by Alain Bresson 
  • Claire Taylor and Kostas VlassopoulosCommunities and Networks in the Ancient Greek World by Sara Forsdyke
  • Mogens Herman HansenPolitical Obligation in Ancient Greece and the Modern World
     by Edwin Carawan
  • Denis Feeney: Beyond Greek: The Beginnings of Latin Literature by Enrica Sciarrino 
  • Jon Hall: Cicero’s Use of Judicial Theater by Henriette van der Blom 
  • Jonathan Zarecki: Cicero’s Ideal Statesman in Theory and Practice by Sarah C. Stroup
  • Stephanie McCarterHorace between Freedom and Slavery: The First Book of Epistles by Francesco Ursini 
  • Grant A. NelsestuenVarro the Agronomist: Political Philosophy, Satire, and Agriculture in the Late Republic by L. Kronenberg
  • J. Roisman and I. WorthingtonLives of the Attic Orators: Texts from Pseudo-Plutarch, Photius, and the Suda by Lisa Trentin
  • Tara S. Welch: Tarpeia: Workings of a Roman Myth by Lindsay G. Dreidiger-Murphy
  • Mary Beard: Laughter in Ancient Rome: On Joking, Tickling, and Cracking Up by Jayne Knight
  • Carrie L. Sulosky WeaverThe Bioarchaeology of Classical Kamarina: Life and Death in Greek Sicily by Chryssi Bourbou
  • Christer Bruun and Jonathan Edmondson (eds.): The Oxford Handbook of Roman Epigraphy by Elizabeth A. Meyer
  • Miriam LeonardTragic Modernities by Aara Suksi