Table of Contents

PHOENIX LXX: 3-4 (Fall-Winter/automne-hiver 2016)


  • The Size of the Tragic Chorus David Sansone
  • Sanctuary Influence in Classical Representations of Incubation: The Motif of the Witness Awake  Francisco Barrenechea

  • On the Date of Chaerephon’s Visit to Delphi Daniel W. Graham and Justin Barney
  • Sur l’unité des Dissoi Logoi 1–5 Geneviève Lachance
  • Literary Allusion and Unity of Thought in the Description of Hannibal’s Shield in Punica 2.403–452 Riemer A. Faber 

  • Debt, Land, and Labor in the Early Republican Economy Seth Bernard
  • Augustus and Alexander the Great at Athens Lara O'Sullivan

  • Remembering Anniversaries at Roman Ostia: The dies natalis of Antinous, Hero and Divine Being Christer Bruun

  • Fashioning a Soldier Emperor: Maximian, and the Panegyrics of 289 and 291 Caillan Davenport



  • Kathryn Morgan:  Pindar and the Construction of Monarchy in the Fifth Century B.C.
    by Virginia Lewis
  • Melissa MuellerObjects as Actors: Props and the Poetics of Performance in Greek Tragedy by Lynn Kozak
  • Esther Eidinow: Envy, Poison, and Death: Women on Trial in Classical Athens by K. Kapparis
  • Gregory NagyMasterpieces of Metonymy: From Ancient Greek Times to Now
    by Matthew Clark 
  • Jacqueline Fabre-Serris and Alison Keith (eds.)Women and War in Antiquity
    by Laurel Fulkerson
  • Paola Angeli BernardiniIl soldato e l’atleta: Guerra e sport nella Grecia antica
    by Mark Golden
  • Ruby Blondell and Kirk Ormand (eds.)Ancient Sex: New Essays by Daniel Orrells 
  • Lee Fratantuono: A Reading of Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura by Matthew Johncock 
  • Antony Augoustakis: Statius, Thebaid 8 by Lorenza Bennardo
  • Clifford AndoRoman Social Imaginaries: Language and Thought in the Context of Empire
    by Carlos F. Noreña 
  • Noel LenskiConstantine and the Cities: Imperial Authority and Civic Politics by Raymond Van Dam
  • Allison Glazebrook and Barbara Tsakirgis (eds.)Houses of Ill Repute: The Archaeology of Brothels, Houses, and Taverns in the Greek World by Sarah Levin-Richardson
  • Randall J. PogorzelskiVirgil and Joyce: Nationalism and Imperialism in the Aeneid and Ulysses by Barry A. Spence
  • Rafael Scopacasa: Ancient Samnium: Settlement, Culture, and Identity between History and Archaeology by Roman Roth